Is Underwater Basket Weaving An Olympic Sport or College Class?

Underwater basket weaving is an idiom referring in a negative way to supposedly useless or absurd college or university courses and often generally to refer to a perceived decline in educational standards. We've all heard "underwater basket weaving course" used as a synonym for easy, impractical college courses. The second question is the easiest to answer, since the Wikipedia article also states that: "The University of California, San Diego's recreation department first offered an underwater basket-weaving class in 1984. So in the hopes of sharing what little I’ve learned so far, here are some tips—the only advice I could think of, really—to help those who have willingly taken themselves down a few pegs on the College Major Hierarchy.

Did the April fool's joke start after a college actually began offering this course? I ended my search at 1980 by which time "underwater basket weaving" was definitely a staple in conversation US English.

I know Reed students weave reeds underwater because I married the first student to enroll in Reed's underwater basket weaving course. As an April Fools joke, Coursera offered an online course on underwater basket weaving as of April 1, 2013.

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What is The Underwater Basket Weaving Salary For College Graduates?

Underwater Basket Weaving
While it may bring to mind images of students quickly weaving reeds on the bottom of the campus pool, underwater weaving basket actually involves making baskets by dipping reeds into water and letting them soak — at least that's how Reed College of Portland in Oregon, and University of California in San Diego taught it. San Diego is the 8th largest city in the United States and is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, so if you have a desire for majoring in under water basket weaving in saltwater, maybe you’ll have a better opportunity here rather than the other two places above. But it made me wonder how the term came to mean an easy class, and whether any colleges actually offer underwater basket weaving.

Is The Olympics For Basket Weaving Underwater A Real Sport?

For those interested, here is the history of underwater basket weaving reeds and the places where you can learn. I find this a lot less funny since I had to take actual basket weaving underwater in a college class. The Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times both used the term at some point to talk about the state of education. The following year, an article in the National Review mentioned that "the bored students in the educationists' courses call those dreary subjects 'underwater basket-weaving courses'", and another year on a newspaper column at the Los Angeles Times noted that "One seaside university is bowing to the stern educational demands of the times by eliminating its popular course in underwater basket weaving". An issue of the american philatelist from 1956 refers to an Alaskan village where "Underwater basketweaving is the principal industry of the employees among the 94 Eskimos here

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Is Under Water Basket Weaving at Google A Real Course?

It’s okay to keep your dreams private—or as private as a college major can be—for however long you want, even if that’s forever. Usually baskets are woven by repeatedly dipping the reeds into water to keep them supple. A process of making wicker baskets which involves dipping reeds or stalks of plants into (or, as the name suggests, under) water and allowing them to soak. I didn't know it was family-specific until I joked about it with fellow students my freshman year and they laughed at me for not knowing it was "supposed" to be "underwater basketweaving", which seemed less silly to me since, well, there are weavers in my family and when weaving baskets, you do in fact have to keep the material wet.

An article in the Daily Collegian at Penn State University in 1961 refers to a parody in which "a typical Miami coed majoring in underwater basket weaving was interviewed". First, perhaps a hint as to how this usage evolved, here's a mildly sarcastic 1919 reference about universities that have abandoned the ways of the Ivory Tower to offer such bizarre college courses as plumbing and basket weaving (which presumably was a useful vocational skill in those days). I always thought it was an April fools joke along the lines of telling the freshmen that there is a pool on the 4th floor of a 3-story building and that you need to buy a pass for the elevator.

How To Find The Definition of Underwater Basket Weaving in the Urban Dictionary?

Watch every basket-weaving tutorial on YouTube while simultaneously playing opera music by the door so no one can hear you weaving your twine at four in the morning. Maybe it’ll impress us here at Fathom in the future since we’re about adventures and underwater, but don’t count on it. Maybe it’ll inspire you to get scuba certified or learn a new hobby. My Godmother was taking some classes at Arizona State University (I forgave her) and Rutgers University and the football team was supposed to be in the class. And hey, who said writing a dissertation on, say, the philosophies of Buddhist pole acrobats or the history of war elephants isn’t productive,

She tried to major in this in college, and even attempted to register at USC-Berkeley and Reed College, only to be laughed out of the Registrar’s office! I'm assuming that Wikipedia's definition is correct. It includes everything nowadays - excepting, of course, Greek and Latin - from plumbing to basket-weaving. Linkedin adopted "skill endorsement" in 2012, and in response to the arbitrary nature of those skill attributions, some LinkedIn participants began to list "Advanced Underwater Basket Weaving Course" as a skill, thereby exercising some control over their online profile. A term used to specify something completely useless. For the students, the benefits appear to be very slim.

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The real benefits for students may not be immediately obvious to them. The Student Resource Center at the University of Arizona offered a submerged snorkeling basket-weaving course in spring 1998. At first, it’s difficult to reconcile the cognitive dissonance. Back when I was much younger, say about thirty five or so years ago, I heard the term "basket weaving" used to describe coursed given to football jocks in order to keep them academically eligible. A varsity baseball player said he had received offers from San Francisco University guaranteeing him passing grades.

Turns out that majoring in weaving underwater basket course is challenging, rewarding, and offered by at least two American universities: UCSD, and Saint Joseph's College Indiana. Nothing to get triggered over here, though I'm sure you'll find something. Now, it was a common phrase during the Vietnam War since many males went to school to avoid the draft. Exercising patience and focus becomes a requirement for our state’s students, not an option. This process will provide a very supple and flexible reed which can then be woven into a basket given enough time.

Where Did Basket Weaving Underwater Come From?

A few months ago during my convocation, we were being briefed on the ceremonial process, and the bogus degree used during the briefing was for, you guessed it, course in underwater basket weaving. I never thought it was something real. Anyway, according to Google Books, the first influential print usage was by William F.  The term also serves as an intentionally humorous generic answer to questions about an academic degree in 2010. By way of explanation – the native reeds used in this form of basketry are soaked in water and the weavers create their handiwork with their hands and raw materials completely submerged in water throughout the process of manufacture".

All I can say is that I've never seen it listed in any college catalog. The phrase in its pejorative sense has been used since at least the mid-1950s. You don't actually have to put the reeds underwater. If you wanted to be really ambitious, you could even get a snorkel and keep yourself underwater while you weave. Now Evening classes are something else. The class was supposed to "consist of short lecture and demonstration videos, between 8 and 10 minutes in length, short quizzes, and practical weaving exercises." It’s one of the biggest problems facing our schools today: how to keep students’ attention in the digital age.

Surely even in the process described (weaving water-soaked reeds) the weaving doesn't take place underwater. In this course, you will learn to weave beautiful, structurally superior wet-weave baskets in the ancient Aquacamamata style. Also other schools seen that they could relaxed that the could create other club and organizations. The term also serves as an intentionally humorous generic answer to questions about an academic degree. The University of Portsmouth, has a joke syllabus for underwater basket weaving on the Technology faculty pages, and another joke syllabus proposal was posted by a University of Central Arkansas student magazine.

I think that Reed College offers an underwater basket weaving class. As a geeky historian I couldn't resist this challenge. The weaving is, however, not done under water. It was explained rather superciliously that they had a stiff struggle to get minimum passing grades in basket-weaving, musical appreciation or Loaf and Sleep (Letters and Science) courses. As long as you put them underwater for at least 5 minutes, and you have a spray bottle full w/ it on mist, you can do the basketweaving. Once you realize that most of the people you run into don’t give one-quarter of a winged damn what your major is, you’ll be free to do as much fudging of the truth as you please.

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